Veteran Build

In December of 2018, Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County broke ground on a rebuild of a home for Sammy Jones of the Charlton Pollard neighborhood. This rebuild was made possible by the generous donations of Wells Fargo, the American Red Cross and ExxonMobil.

Mr. Jones’ original shotgun home was completely destabilized by flooding of Hurricane Harvey. When Habitat assessed the damage, it was determined that a complete rebuild would be necessary. Habitat located a floorplan that could be built on the narrow site, and began fundraising.

The Charlton Pollard Historical Neighborhood Association stepped up with volunteers and suggestions. Mr. Jones is a cherished member of this tight knit neighborhood and everyone wanted to see him restored to a safe, secure home. One of the challenges faced by Habitat was a change to our normal building plan. Normal Habitat homes are built on slabs and are 1200 square feet. This home required pier and beam construction and was a significantly smaller footprint.

Habitat approached many partners to help in this rebuild, but the major sponsors stepped in with money and volunteers to help get this project started. Once the foundation piers were set, both Wells Fargo and
ExxonMobil sponsored volunteer build days and came out to work on the project their companies funded.

There were some weather delays, and during this time, volunteers built walls in the warehouse, and we waited for good weather to install them on site. Progress has been excellent for winter building and we are excited to get Sammy Jones into his new home! Habitat is thankful for the sponsors of this build.