Our Board of Directors

Each year, members of our community give selflessly to Habitat by sharing their business knowledge and expertise as members of our Board of Directors.  This group guides HFHOJC through strategic planning, budgeting and financial forecasting, and most of all–fundraising.  We could not function without the time donated by these valuable board members.  They not only serve on the Board, they also chair and serve on several committees that help Habitat thrive in SETX.

 Board President, Joe Evans, Jr.

Joe is the General Manager of Beaumont Occupational Services which provides fast, accurate employee screening and testing services for employers in Southeast Texas and Louisiana.  They provide a comprehensive resource for drug testing, occupational testing, DNA testing and much more.  Joe’s extensive experience managing a fast paced, employee-focused company is a true asset to the Habitat Board.

His charming nature and stellar people skills make him a compelling advocate for Habitat.  He shows his mad carpentry skills on the build sites and often volunteers to help around the ReStore.  His commitment and vision allow him to see where Habitat could be, and help us focus on a plan to get there one day.

Joe is the father of three beautiful daughters, and an avid follower of local politics.


Board Vice President, Kirk Smith

Kirk is a Senior Vice President at CommunityBank of Texas.  His years of experience in finance have been a blessing to Habitat.  He is enthusiastic in his desire to see this non-profit prosper.  His conservative guidance has helped shape the future of the organization and we are so fortunate to have his help.  He is a past president of the Board, and has held many committee positions.  His networking and relationships help him to make possibilities a reality for Habitat.  Kirk is more than willing to step in and help in any way he can. We depend on him and his thoughtful, consistent leadership.



Board Secretary, Ronnie Ramirez

Ronnie is a Commercial Escrow Officer with Stewart Title.  He over 20 years of combined experience as a Realtor and commercial/residential lender, and his knowledge of closings and real estate transactions are vital to Habitat.  His sincere desire to see this non-profit thrive is shown at every meeting.  He thoughtfully debates each decision, ensuring that all Board members consider important points before voting.  His compassion and caring guide all the decisions he makes.

His leadership and devotion are evident in his long term service with Habitat.  He is a past president of the Board and has held many committee positions.


 Board Treasurer, Clint Linscomb

Clint is a local branch manager for Wells Fargo bank.  His financial expertise is tested every month as he diligently reviews financial statements and ensures that Habitat is making sound fiscal decisions.  His accounting background and attention to detail are invaluable to the smooth running of our finances.  He works hand in hand with the Executive Director helping to advise the Board on all investment matters.

Clint’s easy going attitude and sincere devotion to improving the Golden Triangle for everyone makes him the perfect Board officer.  All his decisions are focused on community and how Habitat can build that with every home.



 Board Member, Denise Berry

Denise works for Acadiana Waste Services and will talk trash with anyone.  She is active in many organizations including Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce.  She enthusiastically supports many non profits in SETX and can be counted upon to use her networking skills to advantage.  When we ask, she trumpets the request to everyone and gets a response.  Her advocacy and professional work ethic are a great benefit to the Board.  She is a member that we can count on, especially for the hard work of fundraising.  Her strong-arming skills are legendary!

Denise has been an ardent supporter of Habitat and its mission to provide affordable homes to low income families.



 Board Member, Jane Burns

Jane is a Certified Public Accountant with Wathen, DeShong & Juncker, LLP.  She brings a vast amount of accounting expertise to our Board.  Her thoughtful and level-headed advice is always appreciated.  She is conservative and thinks long term, which is vital for strategic planning.

Her willingness to reach out to others in support of Habitat has been crucial in ensuring success for many ventures.  Her optimistic backing has helped Habitat navigate some stressful times.  Jane’s ability to parse data into understandable portions highlights her analytical skills, which are invaluable to Habitat.



 Board Member, Heather Champion

Heather is the Director of Business Development & Quality Assurance for Spindletop Center, a local provider of

MHMR services.  Her thoughtful judgement and wise counsel about human nature and the population we serve

has been helpful in decision making.  She brings enthusiasm and perception to all decision making.

She is very tied into the community and knowledgeable about other agencies and their offerings.  When Habitat can’t help, Heather is very good about finding someone who can.  She has been a staunch supporter of our efforts to help residents rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, as she felt the storm’s impact first hand.

Habitat is fortunate to have such a devoted and professional advocate.  She takes the time necessary to make thoughtful and thorough decision.


Board Member, Michele Cobb

Michele is the owner of Cobb Family Chiropractic and has been practicing in Texas for more than 10 years.  She specializes in family care and that passion spills over to her civic work with groups like Habitat.  She is a thoughtful supporter of Habitat and ensures that board decisions focus on the families that we help.

She consistently offers guidance and advice that help the board shape policy.  She is active in Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as being a board member of the Better Business Bureau.  She divides her spare time between all these worthy organizations and raising her family.  We are fortunate beyond measure to have garnered her professional attention.  She serves Habitat on several committees and is always engaged in our strategic operations.


Board Member, Michael Holcomb

Michael is the General Manager of Glen’s Express Collision.  His business acumen and down to earth problem solving skills make him an important part of our team.  He suffered losses during Hurricane Harvey and is devoted to helping Habitat help others repair their properties.

His sincerity and devotion to Habitat’s mission is apparent at every meeting he attends.  He knows this community and wants to help Habitat make a difference.  He advocates for us at every opportunity.  We could not ask for a more effective Board member.



Board Member, Kal Kincaid

Kal is company president of Gulf Coast, an Oldcastle Materials Company since 2005.  He has held various industry related association board positions at the state and national level.  He is a current appointee of Governor Abbott to serve on board of Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA).  Kal is also active in Beaumont Rotary Club, Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and Lamar Construction Management Advisory Board.  He is a graduate of Leadership Southeast Texas and Leadership Beaumont, a Lamar University graduate, and lives with wife Lisa in Beaumont.

His experience on large commercial projects has been very helpful to Habitat.  His calm demeanor and analytical nature allow him to ‘drill down’ to important facts and refocus energies along a structured path.  He is passionate about the Habitat mission and knows the need in the Golden Triangle area.  His thoughtful leadership is paramount to Habitat’s success.

Kal’s ability to look at the overall value of any investment helps shape our strategy for the future.  We are fortunate to have Kal advising us.


Board Member, Michael Perez

Michael is a new member of the Habitat Board.  He is the Business Development Manager for Gateway Mortgage and brings a great deal of experience to the Board.  He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of federal lending law to the Board.  In the past, Mike was the Executive Director of the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Beaumont.  Because of his work with this non-profit, he has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the community, and especially the youth in the area.

Mike is an active Rotarian and is very engaged with the Chamber of Commerce.  He takes an active role in all the causes he supports and we are looking forward to having that enthusiasm focused on Habitat.




Board Member, Wyatt Snider

Wyatt is board certified in both commercial and residential real estate law.  His work as an attorney makes him instrumental in the success of Habitat.  His father, Walt Snider, represented HFHOJC for the past 39 years, and Wyatt as graciously agreed to keep Habitat in the family.  Like any housing provider, Habitat often finds details of legality that need clarification, and every house closing is a point of review.  Wyatt’s commitment to the success of  Habitat is foremost to our success.  His guidance and attention to detail keep us on track.



Board Member, Leslie Weaver

Leslie spent five years working for the IRS before opening her own business as a tax advisor.  Her 16 years of experience in accounting and non-profit bookkeeping make her an asset to the Board.  Her focus and determination to see Habitat help others is a blessing.  Her knowledge of the tax code and implications aid the Board in decision making when the outcomes affect our tax exempt status.  She has also been helping position Habitat so our GuideStar rating brings in more donations.  We are thrilled to have her help on the Board.


Board Member, Damon West

Damon is a legal assistant with Provost Humphrey Law Firm and a motivational speaker and author.  His struggle with addiction and recovery are examples of rising from the ashes.  His current success and willingness to share his story have made him a local hero.  He has a degree in Sociology and that knowledge allows him to understand the needs of the area, and how poverty can affect generations.  He is new to the Board, but we look forward to harnessing his enthusiasm and using it to help HFHOJC build a better future for Jefferson County residents.