Apostles’ Build

The Apostle’s Build groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 27th and included leaders from many of the churches who have been involved in this build for more than 10 years.

Breaking ground at 3020 Fillmore.

This long running local project is a part of the Building Through Faith initiative sponsored by Habitat for Humanity International. Each year, Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County asks local churches to raise funds and provide volunteers for a home built in the Fall. Churches provide the material support to purchase materials and complete one house each year.

Following Hurricane Harvey, so many local churches exhausted their resources and parishioners helping their own affected families that Habitat chose to put this project on hold. We were thrilled to be able to count on the local churches to support this important build in 2019.

The churches who have committed this year are: Calder Baptist, St Anne Catholic, St Anthony Catholic Basilica, St Jude Thaddeus Catholic, Trinity United Methodist, Wesley United Methodist, and Westgate Memorial Baptist. The build is also being sponsored by the City of Beaumont and the Justin J Watt Foundation.